I Want to Go With You

“I want to go with you.”

I had planned to go alone. I had asked a friend to train with me, but had no plans to drag anyone else into this particular bucket list item. For 25 years, ever since my husband did it, I had wanted to bike to the cabin. When he did it, there was no cabin, and he wasn’t my husband, but his accomplishment was certainly on the list of “pro’s” when I thought I might agree to date him.

Three times, I explained to someone what my plans were. My plans. Just, this is what I’m thinking. And three times, the other person quietly said, “I want to go with you.” And so they did. We set off on a stormy-turning-sweltering Friday and by the end of Saturday we were surrounded by good friends, great food and the sun setting over the lake. We had biked to the cabin. And I say this most sincerely, I never, never could have done it alone.



April 15th. My last blog post was April 163-days-ago Fifteenth. That was 114 work days ago. That was fsunburstorever ago. I don’t even know where I was on April 15th of 2015. Paying taxes? No, that was earlier. Working? Yes, working with my head down when I received a phone call out of the blue. Kind of out of the blue. Kind of with my head down. You see, I was thinking there had to be something more. Had kind of (that phrase again) settled into a groove: search, source, contact, repeat. Kind of got to the point where I could see things going where they were supposed to go. Kind of missing newness and mostly wondering if what I was doing was meaningful to the greater, I don’t know, universe… So, I kind of applied for a volunteer coordinator position with hospice, which is a thing I have been passionate about consistently over time. Someone called and said, hey, do you want to do this other thing for us, instead of the volunteer thing? Yes, yes, I had always wanted to do that. Was it fate? Or was it faulty vision? I went. I buried myself in something. And now I’m back above ground. A little wiser. A little worn out. And with a longer list of friends, because I met some great people during the last 163 days. Every time you leap, you risk something. Every time you risk something, you gain something, too. Does every risk have rewards? I’d say so.

So, what have you been doing for the last 163 days?


Random collection of Job Search Advice — CareerCloud

via Random collection of Job Search Advice — CareerCloud.

Number Three

“Start. If you have not had to look for work for a long time, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Not everything has changed,” said Julie.

· You still need a resume and it still has to look good; but it will never be printed on a piece of paper, so it doesn’t matter how long it is.

· You still need to apply for positions you are qualified for; this is more important than ever, because companies today have no budget for an “I can learn that” candidate.

· DON’T fill your resume with personality words: hard worker, driven, multi-tasker… who isn’t?

· DO save space for words that describe what you can do: “Developed an application through full SDLC including requirements gathering, design, coding, implementation and user testing.”

· DON’T think you have to rely on the major job boards; your online social profiles will help recruiters and hiring managers find you.

According to Julie, “One thing hasn’t changed. If you want to find a job now, the best thing you can do is network, network, network.”

Submitted by Julie Desmond from George Konik Associates.

via Random collection of Job Search Advice — CareerCloud.

Best Keywords for Your Resume


By Sarah White

It’s hard getting your resume in front of a hiring manager. The economic downturn, coupled with an increase in technology, can make it feel like you are sending your resume into a void, never to hear back. Chances are, there is a hiring manager or recruiter on the other end that is overwhelmed with resumes, scanning them to find keywords that will make them put a resume in the yes pile. The same goes for electronic recruiting systems that scan through resumes, searching for the right words on your resume or CV.

While you can’t read the minds of recruiters – or computer programs for that matter – there are ways to tailor your resume so that a human or bot will pick up on keywords and give your resume a second look. We spoke with a number of people in the tech industry who are experienced with sorting through IT resumes and asked them what keywords catch their eye during the hiring process.


Read the article at: http://www.monster.com/technology/a/best-keywords-for-your-resume

Disruptive HR: Take a Look at Tomorrow’s Workforce

Tom Gillaspy at Oct MNTRN event

how today’s demographics will shape your organization tomorrow


Thanks to Tom Gillaspy, longtime MN State Demographer, for presenting to the MN Technical Recruiters Network at Health Partners this week.

We are living in unique times, Tom says. Think, global aging which really means a global – yes, global – shortage in the workforce. The shortage comes by way of an unprecedented number of REPLACEMENT openings on top of newly created positions, along with economic growth in developing nations. Does your team have a plan for identifying and attracting talent in history’s most competitive hiring environment?

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Who’s Searching for Work: IT pros or Engineers? Google knows

Are More Searching for IT Jobs or Engineering Jobs in 2014?

Our Internet marketing guy is always telling us that Google has a lot of pretty cool tools to help formulate a business strategy. So when some of us at GKA were we were recently discussing a question that we all clearly didn’t agree on, we decided to check out one of these so called “cool Google tools” to see what it could tell us about our question – and who was right and who was wrong on this particular point (of course).

The Question?

At George Konik Associates, we specialize in staffing and recruiting services for higher-skilled technical jobs in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area, Minnesota at large, and Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas as well. In particular, we specialize in recruiting for Architectural, Design/Drafting, Engineering, Information Technology, and Manufacturing positions as a core area of our staffing business.

The question that came up amongst our little group was: Which of these job types do you think more people are searching for right now, and is that different than even a few years ago?

  • Engineering Jobs?
  • CAD Jobs?
  • IT Jobs?
  • Architect jobs? or
  • Manufacturing jobs?

So our Internet marketing guy said he’d take a look for us using a tool called Google Trends. As it turns out, Google Trends can provide some pretty amazing insights on just about any topic that you can think of! And maybe our example of a Google Trends query isn’t really “amazing” – but it did provide us with the answer we were looking for with some pretty compelling data to back it up. So we decided to blog about the results thinking that there are probably a lot of HR recruiters and technical hiring managers and technical job seekers that might find the answer to our question of interest as well. And, the chart was interesting and pretty “cool” all on its own as well!

Go to Google Trends Home Page and type in any word you’re interested in into the Google Trends search bar to try this tool out yourself.

– See more at: http://www.georgekonik.com/news/201409/are-more-searching-it-jobs-or-engineering-jobs-2014#sthash.Rl8s1cgz.dpuf


Hiring Mechanical Engineers

We are hiring now – our client company designs Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). We are looking for that talented engineer who is in the 1-4 year experience range (approximate) who has some experience as a design engineer and manufacturing engineer. We are looking for someone who is out of college within the past few years who has great potential. At least half of the job will be designing protoypes and 3D modeling with CAD. We would prefer Pro-E, but Solidworks experience is applicable.

to apply, please send resume today to jdesmond@georgekonik.com



Hiring Software Implementation & Migration Consultant

Direct Hire – Permanent Position – Remote Work Option (USA only)


New Opportunity for You:

  • Implement and support CAD data management tools for a variety of companies
  • Tools include PTC’s Pro/Intralink, Windchill PDMLink and Windchill ProjectLink
  • Must have PLM experience AND Windchill experience
  • Direct hire position based in the Twin Cities, MN
  • Remote / work from home position – Initial training in Minneapolis
  • Some travel to client sites required (20%)

The Implementation Consultant will be responsible for implementing and supporting CAD Data management tools for a variety of companies in a consultative role using a variety of tools. The Consultant will be expected to assist customers in their engineering data management planning, installation, configuration, migration and product updates.


A new opportunity waiting for you

Recharge Your Job Search

The Career Transition Connection at Woodbury Lutheran Church is in its 17th year of Helping People Find New Work!


September 11th – Resume Reviews are performed in the Chapel Room adjacent to the Fireside Room from 5:30PM to 7PM prior to the group meetings. Recruiter Julie Desmond will review your resume and give helpful tips to make sure you stand out in the crowd.


September 11th  – Featured Presentation   Nathan Perez will be presenting; Networking For A Job”.  Nathan Perez is co-author of “The 20 Minute Networking Meeting, How Little Meetings Can Lead To Your Next Big Job”, and founder of 20-Minute Communications, LLC. He is a career consultant who helps job-searching professionals reposition themselves for the Hidden/Invisible Job Market through networking, online presence, resume reconstruction.  We are excited to have Nathan at the CTC for the first time!


September 25th – Mock Interview Sessions with professional recruiters from 5:30PM–6:45PM in the Fireside Room Ashley Kolodzek leads the sessions that are held prior to the 4th calendar Thursday CTC meetings each month. Sessions start promptly at 5:15PM and cover preparation for interviews as well as actual mock interviews.


September 25th   – Featured Presentation  – LaBarre Spence will be presenting; Seizing the Opportunity:  Answering “Walk Me Through Your Resume” with Confidence”. How you respond to this common opening question can make or break your interview.  We’ll cover how to build a great answer. Preparing for this question forms the foundation for the entire interview.  You may even look forward to interviewing. LaBarre is the Associate Director of the Graduate Business Career office at the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas.  He coaches and consults with MBA students and alums.  He has 14 years of experience in career and leadership coaching including 7 years at the Carlson School.  Prior to that he worked in marketing, consulting, training and development and quality.


Reminder that we have a “Career Transition” resource shelf containing reference books related to career development and job searching topics that may be checked out.  This is located in the church’s library on the main level. 


Cookies and coffee will be served.  Everyone is welcome to attend free of charge.  The Career Transition Connection (CTC) meets the second and fourth Thursday’s of each month throughout the year except on Holidays at Woodbury Lutheran Church.

All featured presentation meetings are from 7:00PM until 8:30PM. On the second and fourth Thursday’s of each month,  the forum consists of guest speakers at each meeting who focus on the needs of those in transition.  Each meeting also allows time for networking, sharing success stories and general Q&A.

The goal of the CTC @ WLC is to reach out for support to those people in career transition or thinking of transitioning in a Christian support environment.

For more information, feel free to contact Woodbury Lutheran Church directly at 651-739-5144.

Woodbury Lutheran Church is located at 7380 Afton Road in Woodbury, MN. 55125.

On LinkedIn:        http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Career-Transition-Connection-3393314

Website:               http://www.woodburylutheran.org/ministries/caring/careertransition/

Member of:          International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS)