I Want to Go With You

“I want to go with you.”

I had planned to go alone. I had asked a friend to train with me, but had no plans to drag anyone else into this particular bucket list item. For 25 years, ever since my husband did it, I had wanted to bike to the cabin. When he did it, there was no cabin, and he wasn’t my husband, but his accomplishment was certainly on the list of “pro’s” when I thought I might agree to date him.

Three times, I explained to someone what my plans were. My plans. Just, this is what I’m thinking. And three times, the other person quietly said, “I want to go with you.” And so they did. We set off on a stormy-turning-sweltering Friday and by the end of Saturday we were surrounded by good friends, great food and the sun setting over the lake. We had biked to the cabin. And I say this most sincerely, I never, never could have done it alone.


BEST of FIVE: Top Things Nobody Who’s Anybody Says in Public

If the world were split down the middle, and all the people who love lists were on one hemisphere and all the people who hate them were across the divide, I think it would be easy for people to choose which half to stand on, and few would venture over to the other side. I’m a List Liker. I like comparing lists and compiling the common results into new lists. For example, today I noticed an article entitled, “Five Things Successful People Never Say in Public.” Later, I had a couple minutes free and went out to the www to find and read it. There were many, many lists of things important people wouldn’t dream of mentioning in public. Apparently, the more successful one is, the more quiet he/she becomes. (Actually, there’s some truth in that, but that’s another post).

So, I checked out five similar lists and made some decisions about who’s right and who’s interesting, and came up with a SUPERLIST. Here it is. The BEST OF FIVE, Five List synopsis. The TOP FIVE THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE NEVER EVER SAY IN PUBLIC:

5.  That’s impossible. Successful people say, “Let’s try it another way.”

4.  I don’t need any help. Successful people know when to let someone else step in.

3.  That’s not my job. Successful people know that what goes around comes around.

2.  I don’t know. Successful people say, “I’ll find out.”

and the number one thing successful people never say… (drumroll, please)…

1.  We don’t have a choice. Successful people know, there’s always another option.


BONUS FEATURE: A few things successful people say all the time…

Let me help you, we can do this, help me understand, what did we do last time, what do you think the problem is, let’s try it, I’ve been thinking about this and it seems to me…, what I hear you saying is…, we’re getting closer to a solution every time we fail, and PLEASE, and THANK YOU and LET’S PARTY!




Those Brave Decisions Lead to Accountability and Value!!!


What does this mean?

We all represent the result of lessons learned from the various paths we’ve taken and or decisions we’ve made! The paths or decisions were not always clear or planned but we chose them nonetheless! In other words, we have to own our actions and the results that come from them.

That is being accountable!!!


In previous Blogs, I had discussed where experiences come from and the importance of learning the value of the decisions we make. Knowing the value of the experience and owning the outcome of it is Accountability! The decisions I am talking about are not limited to any one area or a specific subject. They include the jobs we’ve had (or why we left them), the clothes we choose to wear, the impressions made by how we chose to present ourselves and – YES – the friends we make, keep or distance ourselves from. Accountability!

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Kudos to Microsoft with new Veteran technical training program!

Hiring Integrity

By Susan Seward  Founder Hiring Integrity LLC  612-382-6484

In a recent article in The Leaf Chronicle, Sean Kelley Senior Staffing Director at Microsoft Corporation shared information on a new technical training course designed specifically for Veterans.  Microsoft’s Software and Systems Academy, a 16-week technical training course for transitioning active-duty troops, started in January 2014 with potential expansion plans to five sites around the country by year’s end.

The course includes both technical and job-search training, and links vets with corporate sponsors, in hopes of helping them land high-paying jobs in the tech sector. Some 30,000 current troops across 474 military skill codes could be well-suited for jobs at Microsoft and similar companies, Kelley said.

After a successful pilot, Microsoft hopes to expand the program by offering an online version. “Now we’re looking at how fast we can replicate the model and take it nationwide,” Kelley said.

Congratulations to Microsoft for…

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