Best Keywords for Your Resume

By Sarah White

It’s hard getting your resume in front of a hiring manager. The economic downturn, coupled with an increase in technology, can make it feel like you are sending your resume into a void, never to hear back. Chances are, there is a hiring manager or recruiter on the other end that is overwhelmed with resumes, scanning them to find keywords that will make them put a resume in the yes pile. The same goes for electronic recruiting systems that scan through resumes, searching for the right words on your resume or CV.

While you can’t read the minds of recruiters – or computer programs for that matter – there are ways to tailor your resume so that a human or bot will pick up on keywords and give your resume a second look. We spoke with a number of people in the tech industry who are experienced with sorting through IT resumes and asked them what keywords catch their eye during the hiring process.


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Hiring Mechanical Engineers

We are hiring now – our client company designs Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). We are looking for that talented engineer who is in the 1-4 year experience range (approximate) who has some experience as a design engineer and manufacturing engineer. We are looking for someone who is out of college within the past few years who has great potential. At least half of the job will be designing protoypes and 3D modeling with CAD. We would prefer Pro-E, but Solidworks experience is applicable.

to apply, please send resume today to



Hiring Software Implementation & Migration Consultant

Direct Hire – Permanent Position – Remote Work Option (USA only)

New Opportunity for You:

  • Implement and support CAD data management tools for a variety of companies
  • Tools include PTC’s Pro/Intralink, Windchill PDMLink and Windchill ProjectLink
  • Must have PLM experience AND Windchill experience
  • Direct hire position based in the Twin Cities, MN
  • Remote / work from home position – Initial training in Minneapolis
  • Some travel to client sites required (20%)

The Implementation Consultant will be responsible for implementing and supporting CAD Data management tools for a variety of companies in a consultative role using a variety of tools. The Consultant will be expected to assist customers in their engineering data management planning, installation, configuration, migration and product updates.


A new opportunity waiting for you

Hiring Computer System Validation Specialists – mid to senior levels

Good morning from Medical Alley!

Letting you know, we continue to work with companies in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to hire Computer Systems Validation Specialists. Please consider passing this along to anyone doing CSV work. We do offer a $1000 referral bonus when we place someone you recommend. The companies hiring for these roles are top employers offering excellent benefits and competitive-plus salaries. There is a lot of competition out there for people with CSV experience.

Qualifications include:

  • experience validating computer systems in an FDA Regulated environment
  • knowledge of regulatory compliance in IS Infrastructure and ERPs, networks, etc.
  • Part 11 Assessments and understanding of GxP

For information, contact me at 952-641-3438

For Controls Engineers: The Best Career Move You Can Make

We are hiring Controls Engineers for positions in the Twin Cities in both the north and south metro.

Are you interested? Contact me confidentially at

Here’s a good one you might want to know about:

GKA Client Company is an electrical engineering firm specializing in industrial process control and monitoring systems along with client enterprise data monitoring and Microsoft™ web/SharePoint™ based business intelligence and analytics reporting. Think heavy duty industrial Big Data. Company provides business solutions to various industries including transportation / railroad, oil & gas, medical device, semiconductor, grain handling, food, water and waste water.

Innovative, Fast Paced Organization!

Are you interested? Contact me confidentially at

Position Description:
This is your opportunity to lead. As Senior Controls Engineer, you will utilize strong Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming development skills to perform all engineering tasks associated with PLC based process control systems. In this dynamic position, you will interface with clients, vendors and internal company personnel to ensure project design, development, implementation, and life cycle maintenance and support meets client requirements.

Six Figure Compensation Package!

Are you interested? Contact me confidentially at

This position has responsibility for R&D as well as applying system engineering and integration of various process control system components associated with major technology projects. Demonstrated industrial process control systems engineering experience with real-time process control systems, open systems architecture design and implementation, software systems development and lifecycle planning is required.

Relo available for the right candidate!

Are you interested? Contact me confidentially at


Some call it coaching. Some call it criticism. Whatev. Like vaccinations and weekday morning workouts, if it’s supposed to be helpful, it’s probably going to hurt… just a little. Last week, Bella came into my office with excellent qualifications. And a typo-filled resume. And a letter of recommendation dated 1993. When the bleeding is coming from every orifice, where to start to stop it?

Coaching has to start from the positive. There is something right going on here. What is it? In Bella’s case, it was a skill set that nobody else in Minneapolis has. Specific knowledge and experience in a niche industry. “Bella,” I said, “you’ve got all the right skills for the job you applied for.”

But… “We need to pull your story together. You know you’re good. I know you’re good. How are we going to convince the manager that you know more than anyone about this job?” By framing the question in a positive light, Bella understands that we’re on the same side and we are going to work together to bring the manager on board. In coaching, how you ask the question matters more than why you ask it.

Now, set some expectations. “This position requires strong attention to detail. It’s going to be extremely important to demonstrate that throughout your application. Let’s run a spell check on your resume and see what we need to do to perfect it.” There. The typos are on the table. Let’s let the computer call out the errors, keeping our relationship neutral.

Finally, about that letter of recommendation. Bella was so proud to have worked for that company back then. But something that occurred 20+ years ago is only relevant insofar as it got you to where you are now. I was a pretty good athlete in 1993, but no one has offered to draft me for anything more than a slow pitch softball team in a long time. So what have you done lately, Bella? Let’s look at getting letters about how great you are now.

Coaching. Criticizing. Tomayto. Tomaato. Focus on the results you want by keeping your buddy focused on those results. It isn’t personal. It’s critical.

Oracle Developers: Anyone home?

Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic
GKA has multiple openings for talented Oracle Developers in Minnesota and Virginia.  These are direct hire positions that pay the kind of competitive wage you deserve… plus benefits!  Developers, contact me for information.  $1000 referral or sign-on bonus (Yes – you can refer yourself – or someone else).

Good Plan

Big news! Minnesota’s unemployment rate has finally dipped back to where it was before the bottom fell out of our collective economy. However, the jobs that have been created during the recovery are different from the jobs that were lost.

That means, even as hiring activity picks up, you might still be looking for work. Updating your skills through training programs will help you find new work faster. Having a game plan helps, too. My friend, Jonathan, shared his game plan recently – he says it’s working for him.

Jonathan’s game plan has three parts: beginning, middle, and end.

Beginning: where he’s been & his strengths – in the form of a Profile Summary. (Think elevator speech, ten second commercial, sound byte… a brief explanation of who he is and what he does). Profile Summary includes the title of the person he reported to, number of direct reports plus one or two key accomplishments that illustrate how fabulous he is at his chosen profession.

In the middle, Jonathan lists Target Roles and Target Market: titles of jobs he will accept, and the market he is exploring, including geographic area, industries, and size of organization he hopes to work for.

Finally, we get to a list of companies, examples of the places where Jonathan hopes to work.

This write-up is not a resume, not a CV and not a job application. Jonathan might never share this document with anyone but me. But if he posts it over his computer, on his refrigerator and alongside the bathroom mirror, he will be able to keep a clear line of sight on his goals. When someone says, I work at ABC company, Jonathan quickly responds, “I’ve been looking for a position there. How long have you been there? It looks like a good company. Do you know anyone in the QRS department?”

Whether you’re looking for your first job, changing careers or urgently need a new position, creating a good plan will help; knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there.

Attn: IS Developers Looking for Benefits… and an extra $1000

I am working with an award-winning, cutting edge health care technology company to hire an IS Developer.  Yes, You!  If you want to use the latest tools, work independently and have a powerful impact with a growing company, you have to check this out.

Your mission:  automate the financial systems and customer support processes for entire organization.  Write awesome code, test it till it works, develop interfaces between applications and write technical and support documentation to hold it all up over time.

Your requirements:  You must be better than anyone else at developing apps and features.  You must be at the top of your game with C#, SQL SSRS, LINQ and Crystal Reports.  Are you a standout when working with SQL Server?  Can you build tables and work with stored procedures, views and reports?  Are you a rock star coder using ASP.NET and C#?  Have you ever heard of MAS90 or something like it?  What do you know about Entity Framework?

The Payoff:  $1000 signing bonus.  Salary that competes (and wins) against other opportunities in this category.  A benefits package to write home about.  And a company that says they have a “tremendous commitment to life balance.”

All you have to do:  send a note or resume to Julie Desmond, IT Recruiting Manager with George Konik Associates, Inc.  I will respond to set up a time to talk.  This is a great opportunity for the right IS Developer.  I look forward to hearing from you!