Job Search Like a Champion


A friend of mine ran into a roadblock yesterday that I think is pretty common. Networking like a pro, he identified a position he was interested in and qualified for. He applied online and then reached out to a connection he had within the company. He sent a brief note asking the person to please send his resume along to the Sales Manager.

The connection was a good sport and passed the resume along… to the Talent Acquisition team. This is where things went south.

A recruiter reviewed the resume and sent a note back to my buddy saying, “Thanks for playing.” Actually, it was a timely, kind and professional note, but you get the idea.

Now, my buddy feels like a loser. He wants to go back to his contact and ask him to send the resume to the Sales Manager, as he had requested in the first place. Why not?

Never burn out a contact. The employee did what he felt was appropriate. If the Sales Manager were the right person, he would have sent it there in the first place. Sending it there now isn’t going to change the outcome. Why not?

Generally, an application ends up filtering back through Talent Acquisition or HR. In this case, the resume did end up in the right hands. Our contact bypassed a middleman to get the resume into the right place expediently.

OK, so now what?

Recruiting is expensive. Most TA / HR teams keep a “pipeline” of candidates to review against open positions. Employee recommendations are especially valuable, so this person’s resume should be in good hands. If the company has a requirement that looks like a match, they’ll be in touch.

My friend was disappointed, understandably. He was on kind of a high when he applied: good company, good fit for his talents. He felt hopeful. Now, he imagined he could hear his resume being crumpled up and tossed in the trash, along with the better future he was hoping for. What more can he do? Easy. Stay in the game.

  • Get the rebound: catch that hopeful feeling again and stay positive.
  • Thank the contact for his help and offer to return the favor.
  • Thank the recruiter for the quick response and connect with him/her right away on LinkedIn.
  • Set up an alert on the company’s Careers page for updates about new openings.
  • Target this company’s competitors. If they’re hiring here, they might be hiring there, as well.
  • Ride the high and keep moving forward with applications to other companies.

Winning Job Search Wisdom of the day: Search, Apply, Connect, Repeat. You’ve got this.


What’s Your Resume Doing this Weekend?

Friday afternoon. You’re either powering through something important, or your thoughts are drifting toward the weekend. Happy hour tonight, baseball tryouts in the morning, friends over Saturday for dinner… typical stuff. If you are looking for new work, “applying for jobs” might have to be wedged in there somewhere. During a job search, it seems like applying for jobs is always hanging overhead, spoiling a relaxing weekend even (or especially) if you don’t find time to spend on the hunt.

This weekend, let your resume to the heavy lifting.

  • Friday afternoon, tweak your LinkedIn profile to a nice shine, update your Headline to reflect the job you’re looking for and upload your resume. Next on LinkedIn, check to make sure your information is “open” or visible to the public. Your boss won’t notice.
  • Set one or two new alerts on and Glassdoor.
  • Spend the weekend relaxing, and if the opportunity for small talk comes up at those baseball tryouts or during dinner, ask questions about the work other people do, and the companies they work for. This is called networking, but it’s the easiest kind. You don’t have to hand out business cards; just build knowledge.

Monday morning will come, and with it the job search. Because your profile and resume were accessible, your inbox will include alerts to positions you hadn’t noticed last week. On LinkedIn you can begin to “Follow” the companies you heard about over the weekend, and connect with the people you met casually over the past couple days. Job searching can be a hassle, but don’t let it ruin your weekend.


Job Search, Canyoning Style

Canyoning (‘canyoneering in the U.S. / kloofing in South-Africa / torrentismo in Italian) is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming.

canyoningIn the mountains of Spain, in the middle of what many might describe as nowhere, there is a tiny blip of a town called Jorox, and in Jorox there is a gate which opens onto a creek. Which leads to a river. In a gorge: a narrow, jagged edged fissure in the mountains of Jorox, with steep rocky walls and waterfalls jettisoning torrents of ice cold water toward the Mediterranean Sea.

Standing at the gate, looking up at the mountains and down at the rocky creekbed, the inordinate power and beauty of nature is humbling. Thoughts swirl like the rapids over the rocks: Can I do this? Does anyone know we’re here? One wrong move and…

Protected by a wetsuit, helmet, old tennis shoes and (we hope) a company’s liability coverage, we are keenly aware of our circumstances, our limitations, the risks. We discover a serious language barrier between our guides and our group. We wonder if we really want to be here, doing this. But we are here. We have come too far to turn back, so we have to muster up the courage to get through it; we have to reach deep inside ourselves for faith to trust things we can’t control, and people we can’t understand. Words like “fortitude” and “grit” come to mind. And “pluck.” Does anyone use the word pluck anymore?

When we finally have the audacity to push open the gate and step into the creek, the journey becomes a series of careful steps, tying and untying ropes, looking up, down and sideways before making decisions, and trusting our wits and ingenuity to move forward in the right direction. The exhilaration of  reaching the destination is worth it. We come out on the other side changed, better for having made the journey, and mostly unharmed.

Cool. But what does this have to do with job searching?

  • The fear of it will keep many people from pursuing a job change, even when the current situation is untenable. It just feels overwhelming.
  • Deciding to make a change, or through a layoff having the decision made for you, the time comes when you assess your gear: will this resume, education, blue suit and shiny shoes be enough?
  • Does anyone know I’m doing this? Job searching can feel lonely. For some people, networking comes naturally; for others, it takes a little more… pluck.
  • Who can I trust to help me? The only people who get more unsolicited advice than job seekers are people buying houses, and maybe brides and grooms. Everyone’s been there, so they say, and their ways are certainly the best ways to job search. The communication barriers might be subtle, but they’re there.

Take careful steps. Tie and untie the ropes that tie your career experiences together, and look around carefully before making decisions about where you apply, how you negotiate, etc. Call on your faith, wits and ingenuity to lead you in the right direction. It might seem like a slow process at times, but the exhilaration of reaching the destination is worth it. That is, if you have the audacity to step into the creek.

Hiring Mechanical Engineers

We are hiring now – our client company designs Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). We are looking for that talented engineer who is in the 1-4 year experience range (approximate) who has some experience as a design engineer and manufacturing engineer. We are looking for someone who is out of college within the past few years who has great potential. At least half of the job will be designing protoypes and 3D modeling with CAD. We would prefer Pro-E, but Solidworks experience is applicable.

to apply, please send resume today to



Hiring Software Implementation & Migration Consultant

Direct Hire – Permanent Position – Remote Work Option (USA only)

New Opportunity for You:

  • Implement and support CAD data management tools for a variety of companies
  • Tools include PTC’s Pro/Intralink, Windchill PDMLink and Windchill ProjectLink
  • Must have PLM experience AND Windchill experience
  • Direct hire position based in the Twin Cities, MN
  • Remote / work from home position – Initial training in Minneapolis
  • Some travel to client sites required (20%)

The Implementation Consultant will be responsible for implementing and supporting CAD Data management tools for a variety of companies in a consultative role using a variety of tools. The Consultant will be expected to assist customers in their engineering data management planning, installation, configuration, migration and product updates.


A new opportunity waiting for you

Recharge Your Job Search

The Career Transition Connection at Woodbury Lutheran Church is in its 17th year of Helping People Find New Work!


September 11th – Resume Reviews are performed in the Chapel Room adjacent to the Fireside Room from 5:30PM to 7PM prior to the group meetings. Recruiter Julie Desmond will review your resume and give helpful tips to make sure you stand out in the crowd.


September 11th  – Featured Presentation   Nathan Perez will be presenting; Networking For A Job”.  Nathan Perez is co-author of “The 20 Minute Networking Meeting, How Little Meetings Can Lead To Your Next Big Job”, and founder of 20-Minute Communications, LLC. He is a career consultant who helps job-searching professionals reposition themselves for the Hidden/Invisible Job Market through networking, online presence, resume reconstruction.  We are excited to have Nathan at the CTC for the first time!


September 25th – Mock Interview Sessions with professional recruiters from 5:30PM–6:45PM in the Fireside Room Ashley Kolodzek leads the sessions that are held prior to the 4th calendar Thursday CTC meetings each month. Sessions start promptly at 5:15PM and cover preparation for interviews as well as actual mock interviews.


September 25th   – Featured Presentation  – LaBarre Spence will be presenting; Seizing the Opportunity:  Answering “Walk Me Through Your Resume” with Confidence”. How you respond to this common opening question can make or break your interview.  We’ll cover how to build a great answer. Preparing for this question forms the foundation for the entire interview.  You may even look forward to interviewing. LaBarre is the Associate Director of the Graduate Business Career office at the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas.  He coaches and consults with MBA students and alums.  He has 14 years of experience in career and leadership coaching including 7 years at the Carlson School.  Prior to that he worked in marketing, consulting, training and development and quality.


Reminder that we have a “Career Transition” resource shelf containing reference books related to career development and job searching topics that may be checked out.  This is located in the church’s library on the main level. 


Cookies and coffee will be served.  Everyone is welcome to attend free of charge.  The Career Transition Connection (CTC) meets the second and fourth Thursday’s of each month throughout the year except on Holidays at Woodbury Lutheran Church.

All featured presentation meetings are from 7:00PM until 8:30PM. On the second and fourth Thursday’s of each month,  the forum consists of guest speakers at each meeting who focus on the needs of those in transition.  Each meeting also allows time for networking, sharing success stories and general Q&A.

The goal of the CTC @ WLC is to reach out for support to those people in career transition or thinking of transitioning in a Christian support environment.

For more information, feel free to contact Woodbury Lutheran Church directly at 651-739-5144.

Woodbury Lutheran Church is located at 7380 Afton Road in Woodbury, MN. 55125.

On LinkedIn:


Member of:          International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS)


Moving Up – GKA Names Tom Goettl VP

GKA VP Tom Goettl

GKA VP Tom Goettl


George Konik Associates Promotes Tom Goettl to Vice President

Promotion reflects continued demand for engineering/IT recruiting and staffing in Minnesota
MINNEAPOLIS (July 16, 2014) – Twin Cities-based engineering/IT recruiting and staffing firm George Konik Associates (GKA) has promoted Tom Goettl from Senior Recruiter to Vice President.
In his new role at the second generation family-owned business, Goettl assumes responsibility for staff hiring and development, overseeing client placements, maintaining client relationships and new business development.
“Demand for engineering and IT staff in the region has never been higher,” said Brad Konik, president at George Konik Associates. “With Tom’s expanded role, the firm is not only positioned to respond to today’s client recruitment and staff needs but also adapt to the rapidly changing recruiting and staffing landscape. Under Tom’s guidance we’ll implement strategies to harness developing technologies to benefit clients and employees.”
Goettl has worked exclusively in staffing and recruiting industry since graduating from Winona State University in 1997. Following graduation, he joined GKA as a Recruiter then in 2003 he left the firm for a position with a national staffing company. Goettl returned to GKA in 2009 as Principal Recruiter.
“Working for a company that is committed to its employees is empowering; it’s what every job seeker strives to find,” said Goettl. “At George Konik Associates, that is the culture Brad (Konik) has developed. In my expanded role at the firm, my goal is to continue to foster the culture and work ethic that sets George Konik Associates apart from other recruiting and staffing firms.”
About George Konik Associates
George Konik Associates, Inc. (GKA) has been providing staffing solutions to Twin Cities and western Wisconsin businesses since 1974. The second generation family-owned business is solely focused on meeting the engineering, architecture and IT staffing needs of its clients. Through its long-term relationships with candidates, clients, and employees, GKA provides the fastest and easiest link between employees and employers. For more information on the Edina, Minn.-based GKA, visit

GKA Tom Goettl

Hiring Computer System Validation Specialists – mid to senior levels

Good morning from Medical Alley!

Letting you know, we continue to work with companies in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to hire Computer Systems Validation Specialists. Please consider passing this along to anyone doing CSV work. We do offer a $1000 referral bonus when we place someone you recommend. The companies hiring for these roles are top employers offering excellent benefits and competitive-plus salaries. There is a lot of competition out there for people with CSV experience.

Qualifications include:

  • experience validating computer systems in an FDA Regulated environment
  • knowledge of regulatory compliance in IS Infrastructure and ERPs, networks, etc.
  • Part 11 Assessments and understanding of GxP

For information, contact me at 952-641-3438