Job Search Like a Champion


A friend of mine ran into a roadblock yesterday that I think is pretty common. Networking like a pro, he identified a position he was interested in and qualified for. He applied online and then reached out to a connection he had within the company. He sent a brief note asking the person to please send his resume along to the Sales Manager.

The connection was a good sport and passed the resume along… to the Talent Acquisition team. This is where things went south.

A recruiter reviewed the resume and sent a note back to my buddy saying, “Thanks for playing.” Actually, it was a timely, kind and professional note, but you get the idea.

Now, my buddy feels like a loser. He wants to go back to his contact and ask him to send the resume to the Sales Manager, as he had requested in the first place. Why not?

Never burn out a contact. The employee did what he felt was appropriate. If the Sales Manager were the right person, he would have sent it there in the first place. Sending it there now isn’t going to change the outcome. Why not?

Generally, an application ends up filtering back through Talent Acquisition or HR. In this case, the resume did end up in the right hands. Our contact bypassed a middleman to get the resume into the right place expediently.

OK, so now what?

Recruiting is expensive. Most TA / HR teams keep a “pipeline” of candidates to review against open positions. Employee recommendations are especially valuable, so this person’s resume should be in good hands. If the company has a requirement that looks like a match, they’ll be in touch.

My friend was disappointed, understandably. He was on kind of a high when he applied: good company, good fit for his talents. He felt hopeful. Now, he imagined he could hear his resume being crumpled up and tossed in the trash, along with the better future he was hoping for. What more can he do? Easy. Stay in the game.

  • Get the rebound: catch that hopeful feeling again and stay positive.
  • Thank the contact for his help and offer to return the favor.
  • Thank the recruiter for the quick response and connect with him/her right away on LinkedIn.
  • Set up an alert on the company’s Careers page for updates about new openings.
  • Target this company’s competitors. If they’re hiring here, they might be hiring there, as well.
  • Ride the high and keep moving forward with applications to other companies.

Winning Job Search Wisdom of the day: Search, Apply, Connect, Repeat. You’ve got this.


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