What’s Your Resume Doing this Weekend?

Friday afternoon. You’re either powering through something important, or your thoughts are drifting toward the weekend. Happy hour tonight, baseball tryouts in the morning, friends over Saturday for dinner… typical stuff. If you are looking for new work, “applying for jobs” might have to be wedged in there somewhere. During a job search, it seems like applying for jobs is always hanging overhead, spoiling a relaxing weekend even (or especially) if you don’t find time to spend on the hunt.

This weekend, let your resume to the heavy lifting.

  • Friday afternoon, tweak your LinkedIn profile to a nice shine, update your Headline to reflect the job you’re looking for and upload your resume. Next on LinkedIn, check to make sure your information is “open” or visible to the public. Your boss won’t notice.
  • Set one or two new alerts on Indeed.com and Glassdoor.
  • Spend the weekend relaxing, and if the opportunity for small talk comes up at those baseball tryouts or during dinner, ask questions about the work other people do, and the companies they work for. This is called networking, but it’s the easiest kind. You don’t have to hand out business cards; just build knowledge.

Monday morning will come, and with it the job search. Because your profile and resume were accessible, your inbox will include alerts to positions you hadn’t noticed last week. On LinkedIn you can begin to “Follow” the companies you heard about over the weekend, and connect with the people you met casually over the past couple days. Job searching can be a hassle, but don’t let it ruin your weekend.


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