This Year, Resolve to Build Something Better

First published in Insight News, African American newspaper serving Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Source: This year, resolve to build something better

This is an update to an article published a couple of years ago. I stumbled across it and realized a topic like this is timeless. Think about it. What are you building today?

Looking back on this day twelve months ago, what was different? What aspects of your life (career, family, home, finances, fitness level, spiritual depth, musical ability… you name it) are better now because of something specific you did during 2014? What’s worse?

Fast forward to the end of 2015. What do you hope will be different? The best way to ensure that your personal remodel is satisfactory is to oversee the construction yourself. Don’t wait for your ship to come in; if you want something better, build it. This year, resolve to be your own architect.

Things you can build: A house, a car, a sculpture, a family, friendships, career, bank account, roads, bridges, walls, teams, muscle mass, fatty deposits, spiritual understanding, websites, blogs, a following, a brand, a name for yourself…

During 2015, what will you build into your life to make the world around you a better place? What are the pieces you’ll put together to create a foundation? How will you reinforce the framework so the end result will be strong and long lasting?

What are the finishing touches that will say to the world, “Here is something truly valuable? Look! I did this! This matters!”

Building something of quality can be challenging work. Every little pig who ever slapped a few sticks together knows what happens when a wolf shows up at the door. Better to take the time to plan for your own success. If you are thinking of building a better career for yourself, take time to think about what that journey needs to cover. What positions do you need to tackle or what education do you need to get where you want to go in your career? There are no shortcuts. Lay a strong foundation.